About Mauritius

Mauritius has a lot to offer to investors. It has been used as a gateway for investment into Africa.

Mauritius is a member of Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) & Indian Ocean RIM Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC). In the COMESA, Mauritius is part of the Free Trade Area along with other African countries. Customs duties are removed from COMESA imports. The laws in Mauritius offer for companies from other jurisdictions to migrate to Mauritius subject to the laws in the country of incorporation. These Companies can benefit from the various tax treaties, the trade agreements that Mauritius has with other countries.

Thinking to relocate, work and live In Mauritius?

Businesses and families choose to relocate in Mauritius for many reasons – including the quality of life, their excellence as international financial centers and their new approaches in supporting new and existing businesses.

Obtaining residence/ work permits in one or more countries, and a capability to leave one country and settle in another, is becoming more and more important, both economically and politically, for individuals and their families.

Relocation process, whether for business purposes and/or individual is complex and requires careful navigation.

M2A Business Consulting provides end-to-end support for clients. When someone decides to relocate their business, our professional consultants can advise not only on the relocation, immigration and licensing requirements but continue to support with day-to-day advice, building a long-term relationship and helping to ensure the sustained success of their business.

We can assist with:
  • Relocating to Mauritius for residence purposes
  • Relocating a business to Mauritius
  • Home search assistance
  • Settling-in service
  • Occupation/Residence permits for Investors,
    Self-Employed, Professional and Retired Non-Citizens
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